Alcoholic Beverage License

Alcoholic Beverage License

How to Obtain an Alcoholic Beverage License In the City of Monroeville

1. If you are not currently operating a business within Monroeville, you must first contact Bob Crawford at City Hall (251-575-2081) to receive the necessary permits for opening a new business

2. If you are currently operating a business, which is authorized by the Monroeville Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance to sell or serve alcoholic beverages, apply first with the State ABC Board located in Thomasville, Alabama. Contact their office at 334-637-0131 to make an appointment. Be sure to ask what information you will need to provide for your meeting. 

3. Immediately after applying with the State ABC Board, apply at City Hall at 125 East Claiborne Street for a municipal license. A $300.00 application fee is due upon submittal of your application. (click to download retail store application)

4. When your city application is submitted, a meeting by the Monroeville Alcohol License Review Committee (“Committee”) will be scheduled to review your application, along with a background check. The Committee consists of the City Clerk, Compliance Officer, Police Chief, Fire Chief and citizen appointed by the Mayor.

5. The Committee will recommend to the City Council at the next regular council meeting following the completion of the review, that the Council approve or deny the application. If approved, the City Council will set a date for a Public Hearing.

6. If the application is not denied, the applicant must publish notice of the filing of the application and the time and date of the Public Hearing of the City Council. The notice must be published two consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the city. The notice shall be published at no cost to the City. (click to download sample ad)

7. At the Public Hearing, the applicant must present a publisher’s affidavit to the City Council who will hear public comment regarding the issuance of the Alcoholic Beverage License. The City Council will approve or deny the applicant’s city license along with the state application at this time.

8. A letter is then sent to the State ABC office advising of the City Council’s decision regarding the application. The State application, along with the City’s letter, is sent to Montgomery for final review and approval.

9. Upon receiving the state license, the applicant will present the license to the City Clerk’s office for issuance of the city license.

10. If you have a liquor license, other than a beer or wine license, you will be required to purchase a $2,500.00 bond in accordance to the Monroeville Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance.

11. Managers, bartenders and servers must complete a responsible vendor certification program within 90 days of first receiving your alcohol beverage license as required by the Monroeville Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance.

NOTE: Along with the Monroeville Alcoholic Beverage License Application, you will receive a copy of the Monroeville Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance, you must become familiar with the ordinance and comply will all provisions of the ordinance. Violations shall result in revocation of the license. Please give at least 4 weeks for proper processing and advertising. 
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