Downtown Redevelopment Authority

Downtown Redevelopment Authority

In 2009, the City Council formed a Downtown Redevelopment Authority to promote the central downtown district of Monroeville. 

The Downtown Redevelopment Authority’s main responsibilities include:
  • Downtown District Property Analysis
  • Downtown Business & Real Estate Development
  • Land & Building Acquisition
  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Downtown Planning & Coordination
  • Grant Writing & Administration
  • Downtown Promotion & Marketing
The Downtown Redevelopment Authority works closely with the City of Monroeville, Historic Preservation Commission and Chamber of Commerce to stimulate the economy in the downtown district, offer incentives for development and preserve the historic integrity of the district.  

The Monroeville Downtown Redevelopment Authority is pleased to announce a new program designed to give property and business owners financial assistance for façade improvements. In March 2011, the Authority approved a Façade Incentive Grant Program which will reimburse property and business owners a maximum of $1,000.00 per building for improvements such as new exterior paint, awning replacement or additions, door and window improvements, sign replacement or improvements, renovations which complement the historic characteristics of a building and uncovering of architectural features of buildings. (click for application)

The Downtown District encompasses all of downtown south to Ivey Street (including McKnights Boots and Central Supply), west to Academy Blvd., east to Barnett Street and north to Fountain Drive and Lula Street. 
Facade grant applications are accepted throughout the year and funded as funds are available. 

For more information, call City Hall at 575-2081. 

Copies of the grant application can also be obtained at City Hall on East Claiborne Street.      

Incentives available for new and existing businesses in the Downtown District. 
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