Tree City Board

Tree City Board

Monroeville receives Tree City designation for 30th year!

The City's Tree Board was formed to:
Determine and make recommendations to the City Council on the needs of the municipality in connection with its tree planting programs 

Recommend the types and kinds of trees to be planted upon city streets, parks and other public places 

Assist the Council in the dissemination of news and information regarding the protection, maintenance, removal and planting of trees on public property 

Implement the master street tree plan by recommending the use and species of trees in the formulation of the master plan 

Review landscape plan for new developments and recommend to the Planning Commission to approve the plan as it complies with the City's tree ordinance 

Recommend to the City Council which trees are considered unwanted weed species and identify and recommend removal of dead, dying, diseased or insect-infested trees

Make recommendations to the Council on available grant funding and implement grant projects.

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In 1939, Watermelon Crape Myrtle was named the official City's Flowering Tree


Good Roots Project On December 8, 2011, Alabama Power Foundation awarded the City $390.00 to plant trees at the Veterans Memorial Park to correct an erosion problem. Pine trees were removed between the T-ball and Minor League fields to provide sunlight. Grass was planted in barren areas. Maples, Poplar and Crabapple trees were planted to stablize the soil, provide shade and enchance the park beauty.

Industrial Park Tree Project - supported with grant funding from the Alabama Power Foundation, Japanese Maples, Magnolias, Red Maples and Crepe Myrtles were planted along the entrance to the Monroeville Industrial Park.  
Monroeville Memorial Arboretum – located next to the fire station on Whetstone Street. Dedicated on April 20, 1990. The purpose of the arboretum is to display a wide variety of tree species native to Alabama. Trees have been donated to the arboretum by individuals as living memorials. 

Master Street Tree Plan – Developed with grant funding in July 1992. Completed projects include - Drake Elms, Live Oaks and Crepe Myrtles on Hwy 21 Bypass; Crepe Myrtles on South Alabama Avenue between Main Street and Pike Street.Arbor-Day-Program-Feb-2012-010-2 

Veterans Memorial Ballpark - In 1994, 55 Live Oaks were planted along South Mount Pleasant Avenue and Hero's Lane.

Effie Mae Tucker Park – Developed in 1995 on property donated by the family of Effie Mae Tucker at the corner of Cherry Street and Pineville Road.
Hurricane Ivan Tree Replacement – Over 170 trees were planted at Whitey Lee Park, Clausell Park, Veterans Memorial Park, and Academy Blvd with funding from the Urban & Community Forestry Grant Program.

Hurricane Katrina Tree Replacement – 100 trees were planted in 2008 with funding from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Clausell Park, Board of Education Resource Center and along East Claiborne Street.

Monroeville In Living Color – Planting guide was developed in 2002. The guide includes a Plant Selections Guide, Landscaping with Native Trees guide, Planting Guide, Annuals & Perennials and Crape Myrtle pamphlets. Copies are available at City Hall.

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