Historic Preservation Commission

Historic Preservation Commission

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Monroeville's National Register Map
Max McAliley Photograph Courtesy of Aaron White
Established in 2003, the Monroeville Historic Preservation Commission was formed to preserve and protect the historic property in Monroeville. 

Since its formation, the Commission has established the Downtown Historic District and in 2009 was listed on the National Register with the National Parks Service.

In December 2009, the Commission adopted Design Guidelines for the development, renovation and/or alteration of buildings in the District. 

The purpose of the guidelines is to protect and preserve the historic integrity of the downtown area. Exterior renovations, including signage and painting, must be approved by the Commission.  

Members of the Historic Preservation Commission include: Christina Nettles - Chair, Michael Williams-Vice Chair, Cedric Hollinger, Emily Steele, Robyn Nielsen, Wanda Whiting, and Jonathan Lazenby. 

City Clerk, Mary Jackson, serves as the Certified Local Government contact between the Commission and the Alabama Historic Commission.  

Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every month at 8:00 A.M. at City Hall.  

Certificate of Appropriateness applications must be submitted to City Hall by the 12th of each month to be considered at the monthly meeting. 

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