Compliance Department

Compliance Department

Code and ordinance enforcement in the City of Monroeville is the component of city services that deals with concerns and Compliance complaints related to the city’s codes and ordinances.  

Concerns and complaints involving city codes and ordinances are handled by the city’s compliance officer and building official.  

Once a code or ordinance violation is observed by the compliance officer/building official, or brought to his attention by a concerned citizen, the responsible party is contacted by phone, letter, notice, or in person and advised of the violation found. 

In many cases, the responsible party is not aware that they are in violation of a particular code or ordinance until it is brought to their attention. It is the city’s desire to work with the responsible party to correct the violation. A reasonable time frame is set in which corrections are to be made. 

The city is happy to work with individuals who are willing to help themselves and citizens who show good faith in trying to resolve the problem.
Compliance-Code Enforcement
Compliance Officer Bob Crawford
P.O. Box 147
Monroeville Alabama 36461
Click to Call Bob Crawford Click to Email Bob Crawford
Examples of the most frequent violations of city codes and ordinances are:
  • Operating a business without a current license. 
  • Building without first obtaining a building permit. 
  • Failing to properly maintain buildings or structures. 
  • Allowing the accumulation of junk, trash, debris, or litter on private property. 
  • Illegal dumping. 
  • Allowing weeds and grass to grow a height exceeding 12 inches above ground.
  • Parking or storing an inoperable motor vehicle on public or private property. 
  • Placement of signs in the public right-of way or on utility poles or fences. 
  • Parking or storing a vehicle weighing over 8,000 pounds or one having over six wheels on residential off-street or on-street parking facilities.
Code and ordinance enforcement is about helping residents comply with applicable codes and ordinances, which in turn helps to ensure that the City of Monroeville remains the kind of place you want to live
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