How to Volunteer

Volunteer Firefighter

For information on becoming a Volunteer Firefighter, please contact the Monroeville Fire Department at 251-575-2084.

Serving on a Committee or Board

In most cases, a person must be a citizen of the City of Monroeville in order to serve on a municipal committee or board. The City is always looking for citizens willing to serve. The following boards are appointed by the Mayor and/or City Council: Planning Commission, Industrial Development Board, Commercial Development Authority, Water Works Board, Housing Authority Board, Tree City Board, Zoning Board of Adjustments, Park & Recreation Board, Historic Preservation Commission, and Downtown Redevelopment Authority. Information about most of these boards can be found under the “Monroeville Tomorrow” section of this website.

If you are interested in serving on a Committee or Board, contact Mayor Joseph Oglesby or your Councilmember.

Five Year Strategic Plan

The City Council invites anyone interested in being a part of Monroeville’s future development to serve on a committee involved in implementing the City’s Five Year Strategic Plan. For more information on the Plan, check out the “Monroeville Tomorrow” section of this website and contact City Hall to volunteer.

Litter Cleanup Campaign

Every April, the City hosts the Spring Cleanup Campaign to coincide with Alabama PALS Spring Cleanup. Citizens, civic groups, churches and social clubs are encouraged to Adopt-A-Mile on a city street and keep litter picked up throughout the year within your adopted mile. The City proudly displays a sign along the street identifying the organization who has adopted the street.

For more information about this program, please contact City Hall at 251-575-2081.

Neighborhood Watch

Become involved in stopping crime in your neighborhood. The City currently has three Neighborhood Watch Programs – Clausell Community, South of Pine Street neighborhood, North of Pine Street neighborhood. To be a part of one of these Neighborhood Watch Programs or to organize a program in your neighborhood, contact the Monroeville Police Department 251-575-3246.
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